Organisational structure

UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN S.A.

Headquarters: 23-25 Ghetarilor street

Postal code 014106, District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Phone: + 4021/200 77 77

Fax: + 4021/200 77 87

Shareholders of UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN S.A. is composed of:

UniCredit Bank S.A. - 99.99%

UniCredit Consumer Finance IFN S.A - 0.01%

UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN S.A.

Dualist administration

Registry of commerce: J40/3396/2002

Fiscal code: RO14600820

NBR registration number for General Registry: RG-PJR-41-110176/02.08.2007

NBR registration number for Special Registry: RS-PJR-41-110031/02.08.2007

Registration number within the personal data operators Registry: 3027

RON account: RO87BACX0000000030655310, Unicredit Bank

Head office: 23-25 Ghetarilor St., RO-014106, District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Registered capital: 90.989.012,79 RON

Tel. +4021/200.7777

Fax. +4021/200.7787

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