We have created a powerful European leasing company, through the establishment of the sub-holding “UniCredit Global Leasing S.p.A”.

The aim of the new entity was that of providing its customers with a single access point to uniform quality and transparency for products and processes.

In the form of the new entity, UniCredit's international leasing network has successfully integrated all of the group's leasing operations, ensuring continued success for UniCredit.

January 1st 2009 has represented the beginning of another successful chapter in our history: from the integration between Locat and the UniCredit Global Leasing sub-holding was born UniCredit Leasing, the first truly international leasing network.

Presently, the global leasing network of UniCredit is a top player in the European Champions League of this industry. UniCredit Leasing holds a top-three position in 12 of the 17 countries in which operates.

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