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UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN S.A. is part of the financial group UniCredit Romania, alongside UniCredit Bank and UniCredit Consumer Financing, offering its clients a complex range of leasing products and services, as well as other auxiliary services.

UniCredit Leasing IFN offers leasing services and associated services, such as operating leases, finance leases, as well as credit and insurance brokerage products through the following entities: UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN, UniCredit Leasing Fleet Management and UniCredit Insurance Broker.

Other than the major domains of the leasing industry, UniCredit Insurance Broker represents the intermediary services area in insurance.
UniCredit Leasing Fleet Management offers operational leasing services, as well as vehicle fleet management services.
UniCredit Bank Romania is part of UniCredit, a strong pan-European Group with a simple commercial banking model and a fully plugged-in Corporate & Investment Bank, delivering a unique Western, Central and Eastern network to over 25 million clients.

In Romania, we adopted the UniCredit Group set of values unconditionally. Although different, these cultures share a continual awareness of market development, a sustainable commitment to the growth of added value, corporate social responsibility, as well as staff development and customer relationships.

In pursuing our mission and affirming our identity, we continue to guide our behaviour according to shared principle convictions.

Our set of values is based on integrity as condition of sustainability to transform profit into value for all our stakeholders.

For us, the pursuit of profit is a positive value because it assures continuity and independence building, through integrity, our reputation in relationship with our stakeholders.

Integrity assures sustainability, which makes turning profit into value possible.

The six foundations of corporate Integrity should influence the behaviour of UniCredit people in their interaction with all their counterparties: customers, employees, shareholders and markets, local communities.

The six fundamentals of integrity - Fairness, Transparency, Respect, Reciprocity, Freedom, Trust - are the result of a long process through which there where defined the core values ​​of UniCredit Group. This should be a real guide for our behavior in relation to each party, including institutions such as government authorities and public officials.

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