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UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN S.A. is the number one company on the leasing market in Romania. UniCredit Leasing IFN SA is part of the international leasing network of the UniCredit financial group, which holds one of the top 3 positions in 12 of the 17 countries in which it operates, being the leader of the leasing sector in Europe.

With an expanding national network, currently including 16 offices, UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN S.A. offers financing through financial and operational leasing contracts with an average duration of 12 to 60 months in the following areas: leasing of industrial equipment, leasing of motor vehicles, real estate leasing, sale and lease back leasing by leasing and public leasing.

On top of the additional services to these large leasing areas, UniCredit Leasing Corporation also provides insurance brokerage through its affiliate company, UniCredit Insurance Broker. UniCredit Leasing Fleet Management also offers operational leasing as well as the fleet management service.

We want in our team energetic people, willing to learn and to be actively and constantly involved in daily tasks. We appreciate teamwork and we also encourage personal responsibility and involvement. We provide a professional and challenging environment favorable to your development.

For us, the most important thing is to build a working environment together to provide sustainable value to all our customers.

We encourage diversity, our work being carried out in a multicultural environment favorable to the exchange of ideas.

One of our priorities is to develop our employees' careers by:

• access to internal or international posts within the UniCredit group;

• customized development and training programs according to individual development plans and organizational strategy;

• active involvement of direct managers in identifying and developing the potential of each employee, thus increasing their motivation and loyalty.


We know that to succeed, it is important to adapt ourselves to the external environment through specific behaviors that will facilitate the achievement of excellence in everything we do, especially in meeting the needs of our clients.

As such, the company's management has set five crucial foundations for achieving success and maintaining top-class status.

The competency model is the framework for day-to-day activities: guides our decisions and how we identify solutions.

It is tailor-made according to the activity profile and used to identify those behaviors that UniCredit expects from each employee to achieve their goals.

Permanent customer care - In a challenging economic context, we differentiate ourselves by delivering high quality services to our customers. For this, the client is at the center of our work, constantly focusing on effective relationship to anticipate and understand his needs.

Execution and discipline - Discipline and a common sense of prioritization help us to act in the same direction and deliver competitive services. The decisions, once taken, are implemented without delay to obtain the best possible result.

Cooperation and synergy - We are aware that the European dimension of our group is an essential attribute, and diversity is one of the most important values. That is why we are constantly simplifying the relations between the divisions, countries and lines of competence of the group, so that we can fully exploit our potential and thus succeed in improving our business opportunities.

Risk Management - We use a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach to risk assessment, managing customer expectations and improving response time as an essential element for our future success. To guarantee and ensure our reputation on the market, we are all risk managers.

Human and Company Development - To support customer-driven change, we constantly adapt ourselves to rethinking our products and services. Our leaders serve as models and are also the career developers for our employees, always being concerned about their motivation to adapt to change.


"Global Job Model" is an integral part of the internal structure that aims to simplify our organization and help to develop transparent employees within the group. It represents a description of all the positions in the group, in a common language, thus facilitating a clear understanding of the key tasks, responsibilities and competencies needed, giving employees a clear understanding of the place they are in the organization structure and helping them to easily identify at the group level.

Global Job Model consists of:

• the group list of positions - the standard framework for all competence lines in all countries where UniCredit is present, thus creating a common language in defining roles and responsibilities.

• their classification according to the level of seniority - divided into new levels, which helps to evaluate and classify positions in the organization structure.

Learning is an experience that takes place throughout our lives, being essential for personal and professional development. Within UniCredit Leasing, we offer employees various learning opportunities and tools for career development, considering the specific needs of each.


Together with our specialists, we create and deliver technical courses that address our employees’ needs for technical knowledge development.


These are courses meant for personal development that complete the required technical skills. The soft skills curricula is diverse, so it will cover a wide range of necessary day-to-day abilities.


One of our objectives is to build and develop a management culture in UniCredit Leasing. Therefore, it’s a priority for us to develop the managerial and leadership abilities of current managers, as well as to train the potential managers.


Mentoring is a developmental relationship where the "Mentor" (an experienced employee, empathic and with a good reputation) provides the "Mentee" with guidance in making significant career transitions by broadening the Mentee's knowledge, perspectives and mindset.


Mentoring is a developmental relationship where the "Mentor" (an experienced employee, empathic and with a good reputation) provides the "Mentee" with guidance in making significant career transitions by broadening the Mentee's knowledge, perspectives and mindset.


The online learning platform offers our colleagues both technical and soft skills courses from various domains, for different training levels.

Externally, we wish to be considered a trustworthy company. Internally, we wish that our employees can identify themselves with the company’s values. Also, we want to create a remarkable working environment. Therefore, we commit to different activities and projects in order to encourage a conduct in line with our values, as well as to create a transparent working environment that will encourage our colleagues’ professional development and a correct evaluation of their performances.


We consider that the work environment is a natural part of our life and only when we are happy with the quality of our professional life we can achieve a maximum potential, both professional and personal. This is why we are trying to find new ways of including challenging, funny and meaningful activities, such as:

• sports events;

• personal development workshops, in partnership with specialists in different domains;

• healthcare events that promote a healthy way of living;

• beauty events.


Periodically we collect our colleagues’ feedback to make sure that we are on the right path in creating a remarkable work environment. “People survey” is the survey that takes place in all of UniCredit Group’s entities. This survey is the main pillar in the Group’s initiative to hear out our employees’ opinions on subjects such as: leadership, clarity of objectives, training and development, collaboration and reputation. The results help us identify the opportunities of improving our workplace, as well as to implement actual measures.

Being present in 17 European countries, we pride ourselves of being a true European bank that promotes an international and diverse culture. This diversity is the basis of our innovation, thus creating an added value for our customers and colleagues. At the same time, we encourage international cooperation and diversity through numerous programs that not only highlight UniCredit’s fundamental values and Competence Model, but also help create future leaders and UniCredit ambassadors. UniCredit Group has more than 147,000 employees in all of the 50 countries in which it is present, out of which 17 countries have full banking services.


A Global Mobility program is implemented at Group level. The program supports both colleagues working outside their own countries and colleagues who are involved in international activities. With specially developed tools, the program facilitates the relocation of employees and their families from the start so that they can fully enjoy international experience.


Based on the international group's philosophy, we have chosen to focus our efforts on promoting an inclusive culture. This means value diversification, while ensuring that every employee could fully realize their potential.

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