In 2017, we hit the road together to a long-term partnership based on a set of shared values: the desire to perform, the determination to go all the way despite the obstacles, the courage and the constant exercise of will needed to reach and remain on top.

Since then, we have been supporting UniCredit Leasing Motorsport's performance every year in the main national rally championships and we live the excitement of the competition with our team in every local phase.



For UniCredit Leasing, performance isn’t just an objective. Performance is a state of mind. UniCredit Leasing is #1 in its field not just because of the fleet’s quality, but for its diversity as well. This is because performance is a constant exercise of will, courage and investment efficiency in time, effort or money. An exercise that the Motorsport UniCredit Leasing Team practices every day.



Active and continuous performance – it’s the performance fuelled by innovation, experiment, tests without limits. That’s why, UniCredit Leasing, a leader in its field of activity in Romania, sustains and fuels the Romanian motorsport – the elite of engines in many forms, in continuous search for record breaking.


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