Adi Teslovan: “1st place in the two-wheel drive ranking. 1st place in the Class V ranking, 3rd place in the team ranking. After a couple of stages full of mistakes and bad luck, we managed to finish the Harghita Rally just the way we wanted. It was an extremely beautiful race, with superb events which took place around the town of Odorheiu-Secuiesc and the Homorod Bai resort and of course, a race at which many fans were present for all of the events. Friday, we began the day with a couple of turbine problems during the shakedown session, but the technical team managed to fix them and we started off at noon in good conditions. We’ve had some issues on Saturday as well, but with the help of the technical team we finished the race with a good result.

Next: the Iasi Rally in September. Thank you to our parteners: UniCredit Leasing, Borsec, Cipi, Defi, Mobil1 through Star Lubricants, Interflon, Set-Prod Com, Prodia, RockFm, Vice, City Grill, Pigna, GoPro through Comtrade Distribution and last, but not least, the Omega Motorsport technical team and Constantin Ovidiu Ignat"



Adi Tesloan: “The way it finished it’s not the way we would have wanted. After a first day where we struggled again with the car, we started the second day a little bit more optimistic. We intended to enjoy every kilometer of the special stage but on SS 15, due to a mistake/distraction we hit a boulder on the turn after the finish, we got rolled-over and we were forced to abandon the race. All in all, it’s important that we managed to fix a few issues that we had ever since the start of the championship. Even if this stage was unlucky for us, Rally of Moldova 2018 is a well organised stage with 3 live coverages on national TV, with incredible stages and one super-special stage created to entertain the spectators but without giving a hard time for the pilots. See you on Harghita Rally on the 13th-14th of July on the stages near Odorheiu-Secuiesc, Praid and Homorod."

Arad Rally

Adi Tesloan: “The Arad KIA 2018 rally was a beautiful stage and it remains one of our favorites. We won the 1st place in the European Rally Trophy 2WD and the 2nd place in the two-wheel drive ranking. It wasn’t exactly how we expected because, once again, we had some problems with the setup of the car. We literally fought to keep the car on the road. We are a bit disappointed with our performance, but nevertheless, we are optimistic and we hope for a better evolution in the next stages. The Borsec mineral water was our ally in the battle against the high temperatures inside the car. Next: the Moldavian Rally in June, which will take place in Bacău County, with stages near the cities of Bacău, Moinești and a super special stage in the town center of Onesti.

A big thank you to the Omega Motorsport technical team.."



Adi Teslovan: "It looks like we are suffering from the Transilvania Rally syndrome. Neither this year had we had enough luck, it’s the fourth year we are struggling in this stage. We had a bad start ever since the shakedown/training session by having a huge gas leak in the passenger compartment on the first pass. On the Belis stage our board computer got disconnected from the contest software, and the final point for us was the Floresti stage where, due to a mistake, we got out of the road, screwing up the front-right suspensions. Overall we can say that it was a very good competition stage in terms of organization, there were a lot of viewers on the stages."


1st place in the two wheels championship and 1st place in the 5/6 Class
Adi Teslovan: "An extremely difficult stage, unfortunately we did not make the best choice for the tyres, nor for the car’s "set-up". A « tête-à-queue » on the 6th gear in Poiana until Cheia – this is the sum-up of our evolution. The first stage of the championship has proven to be, again, a real Romanian version of "Monte Carlo". I can say it was probably the most difficult rally I have ever attended, as I was always under the impression we are on the wrong choice of tyres and suspensions set-up. Anyway, a stage from which we learned a lot, which will be followed by Transilvania Rally in May in Cluj-Napoca – stage in the European Tour Calendar.
Special thanks to our partners: UniCredit Leasing, Borsec, Cipi, Defi, Mobil1 - Star Lubricants, Interflon, Set-Prod Com, Prodia, Pigna, RockFm, Vice, City Grill, GoPro, Comtrade Distribution and not last, the technical team Omega Motorsport


The first stage in the National Rally Championship has ended with a well-deserved 2nd place on the podium for the UniCredit Leasing crew consisting of Adrian Teslovan – pilot, Cseh Vajk Imre – co-pilot and Mihai Leu, national rally champion – technical manager, in the two motor wheels ranking, a 2nd place in the 5th Class and the 11th place in the General ranking.


Adrian Teslovan: Taking place in Brasov in a wonderful setting, the first stage in the National Rally Championship of Romania had a large audience and a perfect weather, ingredients that seasoned with success this stage. The Tess Rally Brasov 2017 ended with a result more than satisfying, taking into consideration the situations which we encountered ourselves with, in the last two weeks.”


Transylvania Rally arrived with new stages – the super special at Cluj Arena and the three specials at Floresti – that brought the crew Adrian Teslovan and Cseh Vajk Imre the 2nd place in Class V.

Adrian Teslovan: “Two tire flats in the first couple of rally stages reduced our chances for the podium in the two wheels ranking, ending the day on the second last spot. For the next day we tried to cover ground as much as we can to fill in the gap that separates us from the podium and we partially succeeded, ending the rally on the 4th place in the two wheels championship. We could have gone for a 3rd place in the ranking, but an error in the city super special and the Belis trial have depraved us from a notable success. After all, we learned a lot and we feel confident in the car and we try to increase our rhythm as much as we can from a stage to another.”


The shakedown session from Chesint and the macadam from the Arad Rally offered a 2nd place in the two wheels ranking and the 2nd place in the Class V for the team powered by UniCredit Leasing.


Adrian Teslovan: “The first macadam stage from this season, a stage that I especially love, with some beautiful stages, some of them of speed and others very technical. What makes us happy is that we succeeded in increasing our pace from one stage to another. At Arad we especially felt very confident in the car, the only syncope was the wrong decision we took when choosing the tires for the first loop from the second day, but overall we obtained a good result.”


The 1st place in the two wheels class, the 1st place in the European Rally Trophy ERT3, the 1st place in Class V and 4th place in the general ranking.


Adrian Teslovan: “After a first day in which we had a wrong set-up for the suspension on the first loop and two tire flats on the front wheels, in the second loop we weren’t expecting a happy ending, but we managed to keep a good rhythm by the end of the first day. For the second day we decided to try and increase our advantage on the first loop, to ensure a comfortable advantage, considering that the weather forecast announced rain for the last round.”


An extremely disputed stage in every ranking, we achieved a 2nd place in the two wheels ranking and a 2nd place in Class V.


Adrian Teslovan: “After the first day ended with a gap of seven seconds in comparison to the 1st place, we were determined to increase our rhythm and stay close to the leader. Saturday, the changing weather made us change our suspension set-up and the choice for tires became important in the battle with time. We opted for a safe approach for keeping our result. We are very happy that we succeeded to increase our rhythm for the asphalt stages. See you in September in Iasi!”


For the crew Adrian Teslovan and Cseh Vajk Imre, the second last stage of the National Dunlop Rally Championship 2017 has ended with satisfactory results, although the first day was compromised because of the abandon occurred by a technical issue present since the shakedown.


Adrian Teslovan: “Returned under the rule “Super Rally”, in the second day we managed to finish the stage in a very good rhythm, winning the “power stage” in the two wheels class and a 2nd place in Class V, even if on the first loop we had suspension setup problems which sent us very close to an scene exit on the first passing on Dobrovat.”




The crew powered by UniCredit Leasing landed a 2nd place in Class V and a 9th spot in the General FIA ranking at the final of CNRD 2017.


Adrian Teslovan: “For us, the Sibiu stage was a dream until the start of the 12th special stage. The car transmission failed, forcing us to abandon the first position in the Class V and the 5th position in General ranking. We were 3 stages before the final, where we had an advantage of over two minutes. It is a stage that we will not forget too soon. In the same time, we very much enjoy that we succeeded in raising our rhythm as initially set and we are staying optimistic for the 2018 season.”



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