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A cookie file has two characteristics: name and content. Cookies’ lifetime is limited, and technically, only the server that originally sent the cookie can access it when the user visits again the website associated with that server.

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Group 1:

Generated cookies, automatically created by the server for a better navigation experience and optimization of content display (pages):

• JSESSIONID - It’s a session cookie, automatically generated for session management of web applications (HTTP protocol). This cookie is automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

• Renderid - It’s a cookie used by load-balancing equipments.

Group 2:

Specified cookies used by UniCredit for website optimization, statistics and analysis of platform visits:

Collected data are general statistics, anonymous data (including demographic data like: gender, age, birthplace).

We use Google Analytics, a web analysis service, offered by Google, Inc. (“Google”), in order to analyze the use of pages, interraction with pages and navigation options of the users, while making the analized characteristics anonimous. Also, UniCredit Leasing does not share this information with third parties.

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For more information about the personal data processing by UniCredit Leasing, you can review our Legal Terms.

If you’d like to block cookies or to learn more about their use, you can find out more from the website of IAB Romania:

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