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UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN S.A.

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The Leading Company on the Romanian Leasing Market 


UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN SA is the Romanian leasing market leader with a share of 18% in terms of assets. The company is part of UniCredit Romania financial group, together with UniCredit Bank and UniCredit Consumer Financing, offering a complete range of financial products and services to its customers.


UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN S.A. provides financing solutions through financial and operating leasing agreements, with an average period of 12 to 60 months, in the following fields: industrial equipment leasing, car leasing, real estate leasing, sale and lease back leasing and public leasing.


Apart from the services relating to these major leasing fields, UniCredit Leasing Corporation also provides insurance brokerage, through its affiliated company, UniCredit Insurance Broker. Furthermore, the company UniCredit Leasing Fleet Management provides operating leasing solutions as well as vehicle fleet management.


UniCredit Group has over 130,000 employees and 7,900 branches.


With a strong European identity, UniCredit is true shift towards a strong presence and a strategic position in Central and Eastern Europe